Who is Tony Beets? How many difficulties has he encountered in his work as a gold digger? What is the actual Tony Beets net worth? Will Tony Beets and Minnie Beets still be together in 2023?

Here you can discover more surprising and unknown things about Tony Beets. So stay tuned and start reading …

Tony would often hunt for expensive gold and return to get 9,000 ounces, now $ 16 million.

Tony Beets net worth and the house may be on viewers’ minds, as they see the popular miner try to get his hands on the gold. Reality Titbit reveals all.

Rick Ness, Parker Schnabel joined Tony Beets in season 12. Fred Lewis also was in his team when they reopened Paradise Hill mines.

Tony Beets Net Worth
Tony Beets Net Worth

What is Tony Beets net worth?

According to a report, Tony Beets net worth is around $ 16 million, and he is currently considered the wealthiest member of the Gold Rush cast.

His co-star Parker Schnabel is the second-richest cast member with a net worth of $ 8 million.

Before turning to gold mining, Tony pioneered Dutch beef milking.

He began panning for gold in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, in 1984, and 2018 alone, he found 3,600 ounces of gold in Eureka Creek.

The value of gold is around 4.39 million dollars! So Tony would make approximately $ 25,000 per episode of Gold Rush.

$2.3 Million Gold Jackpot Saves Tony Beets’ Season! I Gold Rush
Minnie Beets and Tony Beets
Tony Beets and Minnie Beets

Tony Beets House Explored

Tony Beets lives with his wife Minnie in a new home on Paradise Hill, one of the most excellent Klondike miners.

They must have moved there after leaving their farm on the Indian River.

Fans nicknamed “the humble millionaires” by fans built the house 30 miles north of the area with incredible views from their wooden balcony.


Minnie’s love to relax on her relaxing chair at her home. It is the best part of the house is her chair in the living room, while Tony’s seems to be the bathroom, which is “different heights.”

He also purchased a large Clear Creek backhoe for $ 1 million in season five to work at its new location.

Tony Beets Family
Tony Beets Family

Tony Beets Family

Tony Beets is married to Minnie Beets and has four children.

Two boys and two girls, he is the father of Monica, Mike, Kevin and Bianca.

His wife Minnie manages the accounts for the family business in Paradise Hill and is also a spokesperson and model for Gorilla Cookies.

The couple met in the Netherlands, and he was seven and six years old when his family moved with him to the farm in Burgwerd, Friesland.

Tony Beets married Minnie Beets.

Minnie grew up in a small Dutch town of 400 inhabitants. He is one of five children, and his parents own a bakery. When he was six years old, a new family moved in next door, including a cheeky seven-year-old boy named Tony Beets.

Tony and Minnie started dating when they were 20 years old and married a few years later. After Tony moved to Canada, Minnie worked in cleaning, retail, and at a Dawson burger joint (which he later bought and operated).

Minnie has been an accountant at Paradise Hill for over ten years. She looked closely at the bags and often argued with Tony about the curse she gave the bulldozer.

Tony can’t say “no” to him. The entire Beets family uses heavy mining equipment, but Minnie shudders to think, “If she knew I could do this, she would never leave here.”

Monica Beets
Monica Beets

Tony Beets Daughter

Here we are trying to know about Tony Beets net worth so mostly we will try to talk about Tony Beets. But without discussing his family this article will be uncomputable.

Monica Beets is the beautiful daughter of Tony and Minnie Beets. She has worked as a member of the Beets family and the Beets team. She works at Paradise Hill. In season five, she was 21 years old.

This includes someone we have not seen and will not see in the play. Monica loves dogs. That is why she owns her own dog, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein. The dog was named her favourite musician.

Monica Beets Loved Scandel With Parker Schnabel

Parker Schnabel fell in love with Monica Beets ( The younger daughter of Tony Beets ) when he first visited Tony Beets team and it was the Yukon in season 2.

In season 5, he worked on Paradise Hill Claim and dismantled Viking Dredge in Clear Creek.

In season 11, the summer of 2021, the August 14 episode is mild but clearly shows that Monica is pregnant. She said, “I’m pregnant”, when she was laughing at her sister and driving a bulldozer.

Tony then reveals that someone is waiting for him. He speaks something about a “grandson”.

This was announced in the episode Gold Rush – Winter’s Fortune: Force of Nature. Quotes: “I’m pregnant and even smaller than you” – Monica Beets and “Take care of my granddaughter, so to say” – Tony Beets Net Worth

Monica Beets Kevin Beets
Monica Beets and Kevin Beets

Tony Beets Sons

Tony Beets has two sons, Mike Beets and Kevin Beets.

Mike Beets was born in 1990. He is the youngest son of Tony Beets and Minnie Beets, younger brother of Kevin Beets and older sister of Monica Beets, as a member of the Beets family and part of the Beets team.

He inquired Paradise Hill. Mike is also a medieval recreational athlete, in full 60-pound armour and active in knightly sword fighting.

Kevin Beets

Kevin has been working with his father since he was 13 years old. Kevin has led teams since he was 19. Kevin also led Camp Eureka for three years, from 2011 to 2013.

Kevin could use any machine, but he found welding, fabrication, and mechanical work more affordable and kept him motivated all summer long.

He previously earned a BA in leadership from the University of New Brunswick (UNB). Kevin also received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from UNB last year.

He wants to use it when planning changes that will take the bulldozer into the 21st century.

One more thing which I felt, Tony Beets net worth is not important it should be in numbers and dollars. The best worth is the good relationship with the family and obedient kids.

Who is Kevin Beets dating?

According to our records, Kevin Beets may be single and not yet engaged. However, starting in June 2021, he will no longer be with Kevin Beets.

Relationship Record: We have no record of Kevin Beets’ past relationships. You can help us build dating records with Kevin Beet!

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Tony Beets Team Mates

Todd Hoffman

Todd Hoffman developed his plan to pan for gold in Alaska in 2010 after witnessing the continued decline of his aviation business in Oregon. When the economy stopped, the price of gold went up and down.

Inspired by his father Jack his in the failed gold mining ventures of the 1980s, Todd made a valid gold claim and then gathered a group of his unemployed friends and gathered the tools they had. So we need to start a new award procedure.

Todd led his team to success with a firm belief in God and the American Dream. He developed his mining skills throughout three seasons, honed his unique business skills, and recruited new members for his team.

So Todd took a significant risk: he invested all of his earnings in a mining operation in South American Guiana. Unfortunately, the journey turned disaster after disaster, and Hoffman’s crew returned home with just 2 ounces of gold.

Jack Hoffman

More than 25 years ago, Jack Hoffman panned for gold in Alaska and lost almost everything. He could not fulfil his dream of mining and could never shake off frustrating experiences and feelings in his family.

In 2010, Jack had a second chance to fulfil his dream with his son Todd at the helm. Since then, Jack has watched Hoffman employees mine more than 6,000 ounces of gold, and they are still looking for more.

At 72, Jack may have spent more time in the gold room than I did, but his work ethic remained the same, and he was still driven by his desire to find gold. He said that he would do anything even if he were killed.

Parker Schnabel

Parker got fame for his appearance on the Discovery Channel reality show Gold Rush. This Alaskan gold prospector had run the family mine and revealed he dared to lead a group of grey-haired miners twice his age when he was single.

He and his brother Payson Schnabel grew up in Porcupine Creek, Alaska, as the children of Roger Schnabel and Nancy Schnabel. His paternal grandfather and another gold rush star, John Schnabel, founded the Big Nugget Mine.

Instead of going to college, he utilised his college funds to begin his own mining business and found 1,029 ounces of gold worth $ 1.4 million during his rookie stint on the Klondike.

What happened with Tony Beets and Parker?

In the ever-evolving world of gold mining, two names have consistently risen to the forefront: Tony Beets and Parker Schnabel. These two titans of the industry have captured the imaginations of viewers worldwide through their appearances on the hit television series “Gold Rush.”

But what exactly happened between Tony Beets and Parker Schnabel? In this comprehensive article, we delve deep into their shared history, exploring their diverging paths, legendary confrontations, and the secrets behind their success.

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